Motion Escape Game

* Moves - (NOT enough to hurt you or          throw you off feet) But enough  to

  immerse you in the environment.

* Some Game controlled immerisive 

  game pieces, some player controlled

* Fully interactive

* Fully immersive environments


Regular Escape Game

* Some game pieces may or may       not move

* Player controlled                             

  immersive game pieces

* Interactive

* Immersive environment

Eg; if you are in a spaceship, it will move, if astroids hit it you will see it though window and it will move like it was hit. You might even need to drive the space ship at some point. 

Quick Facts


Game can be played in Competitive or Recreation mode.


Competitive -Teams decide to get no clues and try to beat the best time.They are often aiming to make it on competitive player boards, and yes have bragging rights!


Recreation  - Team decides to get clues throughout game play and are not competing for the best time. It's just fun!


Percentage of group types

37% groups of players over the age of 21 years

14% families with parent and children

19% groups of players under the age of 21

19 % corporate groups        

11% couples out on a date


Of those,

71% mixed gender groups

14% female

15% male