Team Building Program

Team Building activities are a way to

provide high impact learning, increase team skills, communications, and improve morale and productivity.

Lockdown Team Building is a way to:

-  Work on critical thinking skills as a team

 - Have fun as a group, which builds

   team spirit and motivation

- Work on shared successes as a

  team. Positive environments increase          productivity and staff moral.

- Build trust as a group

- Work on planning skills as a team

- Work on team consensus building

- Work on conflict resolution with

   limited tools while using creative


- Identify with natural communication

styles, strengths and weakness as a

group, and as an individual.

Team Building Packages

We can handle 65 players at 1 time. 

Same Start times (within 5 minutes of each other)

We block off the themed Rooms needed for an exclusive event. Call for pricing - DISCOUNTS FOR LARGE GROUPS

(Larger the group the larger the discount)


Number of themed rooms needed

All games start at the same time

1 hour game play

Team Photo/s

No team building facilitator

Meeting space or games lobby included

Facilitated Team Building


With trained and qualified facilitators the

debrief goes over: communication, defining

roles and decision making in the escape

room experience and relating it back to the

work place environment.

Includes highlighting areas where a team

can enhance and effectively communicate

while working as a team.

Level 1 Experience - program outline click here

-Basic Experience,

-Meeting Space or Games lobby included

-Beverages and light snacks

-Our trained corporate team building

facilitator for 60 –90 minutes after.

Program outline available.

2.5—3 hours total.

Add $600 to Basic experience cost

Level 2 Experience- program outline click here

-Basic Experience for two rounds of

rooms for your group

-Facilitation between your two rooms

-Meeting Space or Games Lobby included

-Beverages and light snacks

-Our trained corporate team building

facilitator for 60—90 minutes after.

Program outline available

4.5—5 hours total.

Add $750 to Basic experience cost.

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